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A Local Approach By Abigail Thorpe

For small and large businesses alike today, marketing is key. For many consumers in local communities, regional connections, word of mouth and tradition play a key role in where they choose to source their goods and services from. Attracting and retaining this kind of following, as well as reaching those outside your business circle, requires a new, unique kind of marketing approach—one focused on a local perspective, with a diverse offering that employs the best of traditional marketing tools while staying one step ahead of marketing’s future.

Like Media approaches each new marketing plan with a custom approach that is rooted in connecting consumers with local businesses. Our unique knowledge of local markets positions us well to create marketing plans that are as unique and applicable to our clients as they are in step with the ever-advancing field of modern marketing.

Our team starts the process with a consultation to determine the unique needs of each individual client, a detailed and educated analysis of competitors, and finally develops a marketing plan tailored specifically to each client.

Any good marketing plan incorporates various approaches to form a well-rounded plan that successfully addresses each need of the client: digital, print, automated and content. Like Media is uniquely positioned to localize and integrate print media, advertising, social media, and image branding and awareness in a way that helps connect consumers with brands in a distinct, local-centric way that appeals to an individual's needs, while preserving the unique small-town local feel that imbibes many of our clients.

Original local content is central to any print and content marketing, while a broad, engaging social media approach guarantees the digital side is covered. Automated marketing plans—as with other marketing options—can be as simple or involved as each client needs. All include target marketing, digital integration, and results that can be measured. For Like Media, the object is to provide services that are helpful, affordable, brand-centric, and focused on drawing the community together in a way that unites customers with their local businesses.

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