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Make the Most of Your Content: How to Generate Great Ideas

So we know content is important, even vital for growing and establishing your business (if you need a reminder, we talk about that here). Not only can great content help gain your website traffic and new customers, establish your business and yourself as an expert resource in your profession, and inform your customers, original content helps to boost SEO and position your website at the top of searches.

But coming up with original, good content ideas can be difficult at times, especially if you’re continually having to come up with fresh ideas. Luckily there are some tips and tools we can use to generate new ideas that will attract readers. But first, let’s talk about what makes good content.

Firstly, content needs to be original—both in the sense that you create it and don’t just pull it off a content site, but also in that it is fresh and not repetitive. People like to read fresh ideas that appeal to them and answer questions, or are entertaining. That brings us to our second point: content needs to be useful. How will it engage and attract readers? Does it help them understand your product or service; does it inspire or teach them? Finally, speak the language of your audience, and keep it current. Generate content that will appeal to your audience, and think about what they like, how they interact, and how they communicate.

Images and videos are key to pulling people in and engaging readers, but so are stories. Think of how you can create content that tells a story, whether it’s your business’s story, stories from customers, or stories surrounding your products.

So how to come up with fresh ideas? Ask yourself what questions would your customers ask (or have they asked). Jot down any ideas that come to mind, even if they seem silly. You can always return to something and build on it later. Beyond informative content that answers questions or helps customers use your product or service in new ways, you can point the focus on the business and the faces behind it.

What stories can you tell going behind the scenes? Who are the people who make your business function every day? What are your values and goals? Don’t get stuck writing just about your products, go deeper. Even look to your customers for stories. How has your business impacted them, what is their story?

Go outside the box and look for content that isn’t just run of the mill. If you need some inspiration, look at what other businesses both in and out of your industry are doing, and don’t be afraid to take an idea that didn’t work and build on it to fit your audience and their likes.

Still stuck in a content rut? We’re in the business of creating content, so we can help. Reach out to our team at Rocket Fish Digital, and together we can get your content working for you.

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