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The Digital Marketing Side of Media

Personalization, optimization and accessibility are key.

By Abigail Thorpe

As smart phones, computers and social media become increasingly an everyday—and even hourly—part of each person’s routine, businesses can no longer afford to overlook digital marketing. A full-service marketing agency, Like Media goes beyond print and content marketing. Our digital marketing platform—Rocket Fish Digital—combines industry-forward techniques and processes with localized content to create results-driven digital marketing.

Digital marketing has developed at such a fast pace, brands and their marketing teams need to stay up with the trends in order to stay competitive. Increased digital marketing means increased opportunities to get your brand in front of new eyes. But the rapid evolution of the digital age means the market is constantly changing.

Social media remains a huge component of digital marketing—but audiences want to engage with a post or brand, not just observe. Relevant social marketing needs to stay connected to audiences’ reactions, responding to their questions and anticipating their needs, and their wants. Similarly, consumers are more likely to engage with email marketing that is personalized, promotes a product or service that appeals to them specifically, and that has hard-hitting content.

SEO-optimization is crucial—what is the point of designing a brand landing page and creating content if it’s not going to be viewed? But with all of the content floating out there, brands need to be focused on creating a precise SEO strategy, targeting a key audience and updating regularly.

Technology is ever advancing, and so too should the accessibility of your content. As more and more people turn to their phones instead of to the computer, websites, content, social posts and emails need to be optimized for new technology.

Like Media’s digital marketing offerings make sure that social media, email marketing, website listings and content is fully integrated with major digital products, optimized for viewing, accessibility and originality, and that content is tailored and targeted at the local level. Our digital platform ensures results can be measured, and since we’re a small business ourselves, we approach each marketing strategy with a unique, individualized perspective.

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