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“My degree is in psychology, which you’d think has nothing to do with writing. However, a lot of what I took from my degree was how important the local community is to mental, social and emotional health. It’s why I love to write about people and what’s going on locally,” shares Rachel Kelly, who joined the Like Media team as a staff writer in 2019.

In addition to her work for Like Media, Rachel founded the nonprofit Soup ‘N Ladle, which aims to decrease barriers to quality food. She’s very involved in the nonprofit circle and community happenings. “My degree in psychology, my experience writing, and my work in the community all seem to work together to allow me to do what I love,” she says.

Rachel and her husband both grew up in California but had never felt at home there. Newly married, they had both just finished college and were working in various places trying to etch out a living. Once they had their son, they relied on her husband's income. “When he suddenly lost his job, we took it as an opportunity to leave and go where we wanted to live,” Rachel recalls. “We fell in love with Washington state and moved as a step of faith when our son was just six months old. We moved from Puyallup to Tacoma after our daughter was born because we could afford a house here. Now our son is 10 and our daughter 8, and we’ve thrived here. We love the people, the parks, the quirks and the opportunity to raise our children here. I hope we never leave.”

When it comes to living in Tacoma, Rachel recognizes its fascinating history of acknowledging its wrongs, standing up for its neighbor and community support. “I love, in my own small way, being a part of that. I love the beauty, being by the water and the mountains. I don't even have to leave the city to get lost in nature. There’s a place for everyone here, and I get to explore all kinds of interests and little eclectic spots—which is great for me, because I love adventure,” she shares. “I’ve discovered that it’s nice to travel, but it’s much more fulfilling to come home. Tacoma is a fascinating spot centered in such a way that I never get bored, there’s always something else to do whether it be familiar or new. Did I mention I love the people? So many different kinds of people who I get to meet and talk to.”


As a member of the Like Media team, Rachel is grateful for the opportunity to do what she loves, and what she already does, and get paid for it. “Also, my co-workers are also just about the most quality people I’ve ever worked with. I really appreciate the mutual respect and collaboration.”

When not writing or busy with Soup ‘N Ladle, Rachel spends a lot of time outside doing just about everything, from rock climbing to crabbing. “I probably hike the most though; it’s practical if I want to see something beautiful, collect mushrooms, examine various plant species (I’m a plant nerd) or relax. I love, especially, getting out with my kids and my ever-patient husband. We all like to drive around and explore new things, and I love to be with my people. I also dance (ballet, modern, swing, salsa, two step and the occasional head bang), play piano, and read too much. I also consider myself an accomplished finder of little corners all over the city where I can happily curl up in oversized sweaters, get a great view or picnic.”

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