Manage YOUR digital and local SEO
the 'Right' way.

Most business owners don't know where they rank vs. competition and don't know where to start in order to improve their digital marketing. Digital assets are scattered about the universe and things feel unorganized and inefficient, that's were Rocket Fish Digital comes in. The 'Rocket Fish Platform' was created so that entrepreneurs like you, who aren't programmers and don't know how to position digital, can easily compete online vs. Anyone, Anywhere at a fraction of the cost on a platform built to lift off your online presence!

One place, not all over the place.

BEFORE ROCKET FISH: Digital assets are scattered about the universe, and things feel unorganized and inefficient—that's where Rocket Fish Digital comes in.

AFTER ROCKET FISH: Everything is organized in one place, you’re on top of things, progress is clear, and a sense of calm sets in.

4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find local information. See how your business is performing in the digital universe.

All of your digital products in one place within a customized analytics dashboard.

 Control Google with a click of a button.

 SEO 'done right' and controlled by you.

Build, manage and protect your online reputation.

Manage, respond and gather reviews.

Bring all your social media data into one place. 

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Earth and Space
What's our mission?

Elevate your digital marketing faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Don't fully understand your digital strategy?

That's OK. We have it all figured out!

Local SEO


Search engine optimization is our specialty. Be found online on all search platforms.


  • We ensure your business information is 100% accurate. 100% of the time. Across ALL platforms.

  • Your business information accuracy MATTERS to EVERY search engine on the planet.

  • Google gives you scores on your business information accuracy.



Google My Business

Google ONLY loves you when everyone else loves YOU first.

  • Be found on Google My Business.

  • Engage with customers online.

  • Let customers reach you with ease.

  • Build your accurate Google listing.

  • Ensure your listing remains accurate at ALL TIMES.

  • Defend your listing from outside aggregators.

  • Flag any fraudulent reviews.

  • SEO’d with optimized keywords.

Review Management

Your online reviews MATTER. What is said about your company online, can determine the SUCCESS OF YOUR BUSINESS.

  • Collect reviews from your customers.

  • Generate organic reviews.

  • Ensure you have access to EVERY review across all platforms.

  • Integrate the Google Review platform on any website.

Reputation Defense

Protect your business's online presence.

  • Closely manage all reviews. The GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY.

  • Respond accordingly to every review.

  • Suppress and flag any fraudulent reviews.

  • See any review from any platform instantly.

Analytics + More Analytics

Decisions shouldn't be made blindly, our in-depth analytics provide the best roadmap to success.

  • In-depth Google Analytics at your fingertips.

  • View how people find you.

  • View searches you appear in.

  • Measure search vs. map search.

  • Organic search vs. paid search.

Customized Dashboard

Organize all your digital assets into one custom location.

  • Collect all of your digital assets, performances, and data into one location.

  • View all web and search analytics.

  • Capitalize on how and when customers are finding you.

  • Monthly reports sent directly to you.

Some of our Partners

We work closely with our partners to ensure your business is found in local search results

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