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Digital Assistant

Ashlynn Shoolroy has called North Idaho home all her life. Born in Coeur d’Alene, her family lived in Hayden for three years until they would eventually settle in Athol. She would return to the Coeur d’Alene area in the summer of 2023 after finishing the bulk of her courses at the University of Idaho. “I’ve lived in Idaho my whole life. This was the place I was homeschooled, did 4-H, and attended Bible schools and creative writing clubs.”

She goes on to share that she has always enjoyed the simplicity of life in Idaho. “I have traveled across the country and lived in Moscow, Idaho, for four years during her college years, yet North Idaho remains the most beautiful place on earth. My closest friends live here and the friendliest people I’ve met are from here also. I never want to leave North Idaho. I stay here for the people that live here and the memories that I have made here.”


Before joining the Like Media team in August 2023 Ashlynn had already built up an impressive resume utilizing her talents (while still in college). During her educational period, she took on the role as lead graphic designer and marketing strategy design for the University of Idaho’s ad competition, hosted by NSAC (National Student Advertising Competition), associated with the American Advertising Federation. While in classes, she also worked with clients in active learning studio course environments, pitching company branding, webpages, and promotional advertising design.In late 2022, Ashlynn took on a user interface and user experience design role offered by the University of Idaho and designed the My UI app to improve student user experience on campus. “The app was a massive project, requiring years of design, research and development to be completed,” she reflects. “During the project, I conducted research with the shareholders and app development team to create a portion of the app that would improve the University’s parking and transportation department.”Afterward, in early 2023, Ashlynn did in-house graphic design for the J-U-B engineers, designing promotional materials, creating print brochure layouts, and designing webpages for the company.

Ashlynn graduated from the University of Idaho in the fall of 2023, receiving an undergraduate degree for a Bachelor of Fine Art, studio art and design with a graphic design emphasis.


As Like Media’s digital assistant, Ashlynn’s role includes web design, SEO and digital magazine development, as well as graphic design for Like Media’s digital magazines. She shares that web design is her favorite aspect of the job.


“Web design has been the best part about working at Like Media. It is satisfying to create and explore new and engaging ways for visitors to learn about a company through their website. I think of websites as an extension of a company and like a thematic experience where the website becomes the digital room for visitors to experience a company as if they were there.”Ashlynn is truly grateful for the opportunity to work with Like Media. “I am thankful to God that I can work with such wonderful people and not leave North Idaho. You cannot find another company like this, where everyone is respected and is given opportunities to put their talents into full motion.”

During her free time, Ashlynn likes to bake, play games, create animations, and write. During the winter, her favorite thing to do is ski. “Whenever it snows, I am excited. It means more snowpack on the mountains and more slopes to ski down. Schweitzer Mountain resort is our family’s favorite place to ski. Like tradition, we leave for the mountain late Friday with my family and with some friends that like to tag along, and we ski all day on Saturdays.”


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