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Social Media Strategist

Lena Stepp is a graduate of California Baptist University and holds a Bachelor of Science in marketing with a concentration in marketing management and graphic design minor.

She has a diverse background, having previously worked in marketing, public relations, customer service and social media. “I began my journey as a marketing and public relations intern on a political campaign, where I gained valuable insights into campaign strategies and communication tactics,” she shares. “I also worked in the food industry, honing my customer service skills and developing a strong work ethic.”

In addition, Lena had the opportunity to serve as a resident advisor at California Baptist, where she fostered a positive living environment for students and developed leadership and problem-solving abilities. She further expanded her skill set by working on social media for realtors, creating engaging content and managing online communities.

She joined Like Media as the company’s social media strategist in 2023. “My career took off at Like Media, where I am able to apply my knowledge and skills in a real-life work setting. I am excited to leverage my diverse background and bring my expertise to this company, contributing to its success and growth,” she says.As a social media strategist who loves helping others and unleashing creative ideas, Lena is grateful to be a part of the Like Media team, where she’s joined forces with talented professionals to brainstorm fresh strategies and create impactful digital campaigns. “At Like Media, I enjoy building engaging content, connecting with audiences, and making a positive impact in the digital world.”

Born and raised in Gig Harbor, Washington, Lena has always appreciated the sense of community that comes with living in a smaller town. The decision to move back after college was driven by a combination of her career aspirations and desire to stay connected to a close-knit community.“I enjoy being a part of Gig Harbor because the local community is something that brings everyone together. Wherever you go, whether that’s Target or a walk on the town, you will always run into a local friend.”

In her free time, you will often find Lena immersed in all things sports and the outdoors. She also finds fulfillment in volunteering for youth ministry at her church, where she mentors and guides young individuals. “Additionally, I love thrifting and exploring secondhand treasures and cherishing quality time spent with family and friends.”

Fun fact: Lena is a triplet!


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