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Creative Director

Maddie joined Like Media as a designer in the summer of 2015. But she has been familiar with Like Media long before that. Her parents, Steve and Kim Russo, own the company, something that gives Maddie a unique perspective. She has seen the company grow and has an intimate understanding of its mission and goals.

Maddie is currently the creative director here at Like Media an is solely in charge of the design direction of Sandpoint Living Local and Gig Harbor Living Local among other design and creative tasks that she takes on for the company.

Currently residing in Seattle, Maddie enjoys the outdoors and chasing her spunky toddler around.

Maddie shares that she enjoys her work with Like Media and having a part in helping to create a community-based product that brings people together and keeps them informed. “I also love working with such thoughtful and hard working people,” adds Maddie.

Not only is Maddie a dedicated worker, but she is enthusiastic about the part she plays in the company. “I really love the opportunity to play a part in helping small businesses find their brand identities and grow.”


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