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Digital Creative Director

Whitney joined the Like Media team in May 2010. She attended Eastern Washington University and while there worked as an intern and built a website for Division for International and Education Outreach. As our digital creative director, Whitney manages all of our digital clients and products, builds custom websites and much more!

Whitney and her husband Martin live in Post Falls, Idaho, with their daughter Korra. When not glued to her computer, she enjoys being outdoors, hiking, boating, or playing with her dog. But it is her work with small businesses that she enjoys most about working with Like Media.

“I like working with the community and giving the smaller businesses a chance to be heard,” said Whitney. “It’s a great feeling when you create an ad for someone and you hear how excited they are to be getting more business because of it.”

Always an optimist, Whitney’s favorite quote is “Everything happens for a reason.” She says the person she admires most is her father, a network administrator at EWU. She said he works hard and knows how to do just about anything. She says he has always done what he could to help her succeed in life – and her colleagues at Like-Media agree he has done a great job!


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