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Content Marketing: How to Grow Your Brand

Abigail Thorpe

Content is an essential part of your marketing plan, and it costs 62 percent less than most traditional marketing methods. In this modern age, marketing strategies are adjusting to go beyond the standard ad and give consumers more of what they’re looking for: quality content and information that establishes a connection and trust with your brand.

Seventy-eight percent of consumers prefer to learn about a company through article content than via a traditional advertisement, which means you can reach a much broader audience at a lower cost. Not only that, content helps to increase audience retention by keeping customers coming back for more. It improves your brand reputation, image and trustworthiness by making you an authority on a topic, and creates more of a relationship with your customers. Finally, it leads to new business, higher conversion rates in sales, more social media traction (your followers need something to interact with after all), and enhanced SEO. More content means more ways Google and other search engines can find your website.

But it’s important to give as much thought and strategy to your content as you do to the rest of your marketing. Careless, random content that is not carefully targeted will get nowhere with your audience. Plus, in order for your SEO to get better, you need to have precise, targeted content that will rank higher and reach the specific audience you’re looking to attract.

Consistency is key with content marketing. Make sure you are providing content in a unique style and voice that remains consistent throughout your brand and messaging. Keep your content targeted, don’t try to be all things to all people. Do what you do best, and make sure your company vision and message is clearly defined and transparent throughout all of your marketing.

Finally, monitor the performance of your content, and review it to make sure it is successfully reaching your customers. It can take time for results to be seen from content marketing, but the payoff can be big. So give it some time, and don’t be afraid to enlist help. Rocket Fish Digital and Like Media are pros when it comes to content marketing—it’s a key part of who we are as a company. Let us know how we can help get your content off the ground.

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