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Does Marketing Really Matter?

Marketing isn’t dying, and here’s why.

By Abigail Thorpe

In a business world with increasing artificial intelligence and mega-giants like Amazon expanding into most markets, many wonder if marketing is dying as we know it. As some businesses downsize their marketing efforts to a small team or cut funds, others wonder if they even need to invest in marketing. The answer is a resounding yes.

Innovation and marketing are the two most important assets a business has. Innovation is key to providing a product or service that is original, unique and desirable, but it won’t keep your business afloat by itself. At its core, marketing is how you connect your product or service to the right customer, and it is essential to any business model.

Ninety percent of searchers haven’t made their mind up about a brand before starting their search, which means that there is ample room to attract—or lose—business through the way you market your product.

True marketing is individualized and personal at its core. AI and algorithms can’t replace the intuition, connection and insight an individual person has, and that’s why marketing won’t die. But it’s important that marketing goes beyond a set budget and confined department. If your marketing strategy is confined and lifeless, so will your connection with your customers be.

Marketing is about thinking from the outside in. It’s a process that starts at the beginning of innovation, not merely advertising a product once it’s introduced. Marketing finds a gap or space and creates a new market to fill that need.

Engaging customers is the core purpose of marketing, and marketers do this through reputation management, relationship building, market relevance, and informing customers, among other ways.

So if you’ve asked yourself recently if you still need to invest in marketing for your business to move forward, you absolutely do. It doesn’t matter if your business or product has a solid following or is brand new. Marketing is the means through which your business will not only stay alive, but thrive.

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