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Facebook: The King of Social

How to leverage social media for marketing your business.

By Abigail Thorpe

Instagram may be growing fast, but Facebook remains the most used social media platform with 2.45 billion monthly users, making it a leading free marketing tool business can leverage. Creating a Facebook business page is easy and free, and the first step towards targeting an audience, building your brand and increasing engagement.

Facebook stories, Facebook Ads, promoted posts and sponsored stories are all prime ways to expand your reach and grow your following, and won’t break the bank doing so. Facebook ad impressions increased 37 percent in 2019, and Facebook Stories has 300 million active users daily—demonstrating just how big a player Facebook is in the field of online marketing.

Before you can make the most of the platform, you have to set your goals and know your audience. Do you want to build brand awareness, generate sales, or increase brand engagement? Facebook is a great way to do it all, but you need a plan to achieve your goals.

Facebook’s success comes from the fact it is a community-minded space, so keep this in mind when posting. The platform is the ideal space to keep it light, combine humor with informative posts, and engage with customers to answer questions, build trust, and refine your brand and product. It’s imperative to stay engaged with followers, answer questions and respond to interactions in addition to providing useful, fun and entertaining content.

If you don’t already know your target audience, Facebook page insights makes it easy to track who’s interacting most with your business. Build on that target audience to reap the most success. Millennial and Gen X users still top the charts when it comes to facebook users, but active users 65 are over are the fastest growing group, with fewer teens now using the platform.

Facebook is primarily mobile, so keep this in mind when posting content or paying for sponsored stories or ads. Additionally, 74 percent of users are high income earners—which means there are people with money to spend, you just need to find ways to reach them.

If you don’t have a strong Facebook presence, now’s the time to build one, and discover how its various marketing tools and ad capabilities can help grow your business. If social isn’t your cup of tea, we’re happy to help. Reach out to Rocket Fish Digital today and let us know how we can get you up to speed in the social realm.

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