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Simple Ways to Drive Social Media Engagement in 2021

Social media is an ever-evolving form of communication.

A foundation for creating your brand’s identity and connecting with customers and your target audience, social media is an essential means of promotion—and a critical measure of the effectiveness of your social media strategy is engagement.

An engaged audience is one who likes and trusts your brand enough to help fuel it. That fuel comes in the form of interaction, sharing and positive reviews, which then fuel your leads, sales funnel and growth.

As social media evolves and grows, so does the need to adapt our strategies to engage our audience. Like any relationship, the one you have with your audience is something that takes continuous time, effort and attention.

Here are a few of the best ways to channel that effort to create more social media engagement for your business today:

Get Visual

There’s no doubt that social media users are visually driven. Using eye-catching images, gifs and short videos or Boomerangs is the first step to get the audience to stop their scroll.

There are endless possibilities of how to successfully create visuals for social media, but taking the time to ensure your visuals are consistent with the look and feel of your brand is the key step that makes all the difference. Use the same filters, colors, layouts and fonts across your imagery to convey a solid, recognizable look and message for your brand.

Use Timing to Your Advantage

The majority of engagement opportunities are available when the majority of your audience is online. It seems simple enough, and it can be if you know how to use analytics to your advantage.

Use analytics provided by Instagram or Facebook business, paired with research into the best tools into the best timing for your regular posts—and don’t forget to target this research to your time zone, your industry and your demographics.

Partnerships and Features

Partnering with an influencer or another business in a social media campaign is usually a win on both sides, encouraging exposure, audience growth and a chance to try something new.

Incorporate social media partnerships with Instagram story takeovers, swapping featured content, posting a short video interview, or plan a giveaway with one or more other businesses to share followers and publicity.

How do you form these partnerships? Start by just reaching out! Many businesses will recognize the value in partnering up for a short post, promotion or event.

Start Today

Social media algorithms recognize engagement and reward it by showing that content to more people. To reach a wider audience and generate more awareness for your brand, start by targeting your content strategy and timing to focus on that organic connection with your audience.

That’s where Like Media and Rocket Fish Digital comes in—we’re here to help businesses get creative in a way that best represents their unique brand. We dedicate time to getting to know you, your business and your target audience to help take your content to the next level!

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to build on your engagement success, contact us to start boosting your business’ social media marketing game!

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