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How to Compete During COVID

Making the most of your digital toolbag

By Abigail Thorpe

If COVID has taught us anything, it’s that we have to reimagine the way we do business to stay profitable and competitive. Through temporary business closures, stay-at-home orders and the increased trend for consumers to stay at home and buy online, businesses have had to adjust rapidly to stay alive. But with the right tools and mindset, you can make the transition easier, quicker and more profitable than you thought possible.

If ecommerce was important before, it’s now a must-have for businesses. Digitizing your business so it can compete with other businesses with or without a physical storefront is one key way to keep your business growing during a international health crisis, but you have to combine it with other digital marketing strategies we’ve talked about.

Just creating a website and standing back isn’t enough to make your business successful. You have to constantly engage with customers, monitor your approach, and make changes where necessary to make your business better.

If we can’t see customers face-to-face, how do we make those connections? That’s where our lessons on utilizing social media for your benefit, managing your business reputation online through reviews and up-to-date information, and leveraging local SEO to keep your business top of mind come into play.

People may not be going out as much, but you can come to them. Take this opportunity to grow your email marketing and optimize your business and website for mobile shopping. Find new ways to reach customers through fun sales, giveaways or incentives. Are you providing content to your audience—both organic and paid—that inspires them and draws their attention?

Now’s the perfect time to take the step forward in your business and combine all the tools we’ve discussed to make your business even more successful than it was before the pandemic. Connect with us today to see how Rocket Fish Digital can help propel you to the top.

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