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Do Product Descriptions Matter?

Ecommerce success relies on more than just a good product.

By Abigail Thorpe

We’ve discussed why an online platform and marketplace is important during this age of online buying, but once you’ve attracted potential customers through good ads and marketing, what then? How do you keep your customers on your site, and better yet, persuade them to make a purchase? First impressions are important, and so good web design and great photos are key, but there’s another thing that’s essential for driving business: good product descriptions.

Why do you need a product description that’s not just the generic manufacturer’s? Well, for one thing, great descriptions make people want to purchase, and they help convert browsers to buyers. But they also set you apart from the competition. You may be selling the exact same product as another online shop, but if your description helps draw people in and makes them want to buy your product, then you’re going to have more success.

Finally, good product descriptions go a long way in upping your SEO rankings. Search engines take into account keywords—even from product descriptions—so if you’re smart about choosing your descriptions, you can jump to the top of the search results.

So what makes a good product description? For starters, product descriptions should highlight not only the features of a product, but also its benefits. If you’re selling a product and mention what it’s made out of, but don’t say why that’s important, you’re missing an opportunity.

Along with this comes providing the tools a buyer would need to make their purchase. If you’re selling clothing or shoes, a size guide might be helpful. Or if your product is not generally known or understood, maybe even a how-to video is important. Always ask yourself, if you were the buyer, what would you want to know?

Make your product descriptions unique! If you use the same description as the manufacturers, you’re stuck in a large pool of a ton of other sellers trying to attract buyers. Stand out from the crowd, and find a way of drawing your audience in. Likewise, don’t just use the same or similar descriptions for all products.

When it comes to the length of your descriptions, consider your buyer’s awareness of the product. If it’s a t-shirt or ball cap, everyone knows what this generally looks like, so you just need to explain what sets this one apart. But if it’s a special serum you may need longer to explain what your product is, how it can benefit the customer, and how to use it.

Most importantly, consider keywords when writing your product descriptions. This is what search engines will use to find your product and page, so give it some thought. Be specific rather than general—you want to attract buyers who are looking for something specific, because they’re more likely to purchase.

Ask yourself what words your target audience might use to search, and create keywords that match. But make sure you’re using keywords that are applicable to your product, don’t just cram a bunch of target words that don’t flow or make sense. It’s about quality, not quantity.

Feel like your product descriptions could use an update? You’re not alone! Rocket Fish digital can help you find the best ones to boost your SEO and sales. Reach out today to let us know how we can help.

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