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Do You Know What We Do?

Rocket Fish Digital is more than just a typical online service.

We’ve shared about everything from content marketing and SEO to establishing an online store to go along with your brick and mortar. But what is it that Rocket Fish Digital and Like Media actually do?

Our focus is about impacting the local communities we serve in a positive way, and we do that in a variety of ways by constantly innovating and providing various platforms for our clients to reach customers. But we’re more than just a run-of-the-mill online service that applies the same strategies to every client.

Our strategy is to focus on our client’s unique selling position, so we can discover the right marketing fit for each client. So what services do we offer when it comes to marketing?

Like Media and Rocket Fish Digital can help with everything from branding to social media and even podcasts. We focus on blending traditional media with modern online marketing tools so you get the best of both worlds, and offer expertise in print, digital marketing, content marketing, branding and creative, marketing automation, social media and podcasting.

Our experienced team creates original and localized content for print and online to best position your company, and is also adept at website creation and updates to help keep your online presence looking good.

With seven print publications we publish throughout the Inland Northwest and Pacific Northwest, we provide ample opportunity for traditional exposure through ads, spotlights and creative stories that are also published online.

When it comes to SEO/SEM, reputation management, and Google My Business and Google Maps Integration, we do that too. And of course you can’t forget email marketing. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to digital marketing, so our focus is finding the right fit for each client, and working to automate those marketing efforts as much as possible so our clients don’t have to spend valuable time that could be spent elsewhere.

But automation doesn’t mean personalization goes out the door. Our mission is to get our clients seen, and we spend the time and energy to make sure that everything from marketing emails to ads and written content are designed to appeal to your customers, and reflect your business well.

We even like to get creative with marketing, going outside the box to work with clients on creating podcasts, unique content ideas, and other ways to interact with local communities to share each client’s unique story.

So whether you’re looking for a package to get you jump started, or just need some help in one area, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to our Rocket Fish team today.

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