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How to Create Effective Email Marketing

Design campaigns that stand out and get noticed.

By Abigail Thorpe

Over 293 billion emails are sent and received every day. So how do you make sure your marketing emails are not only making it into inboxes, but causing people to take action? Take a minute and think about how many marketing emails come into your inbox each day. Do you open them? Do you click on the links? If so, what made you take notice?

Ninety percent of adults still use email regularly, so email marketing has the potential to truly grow your business, but you need to be doing it the right way to make it effective. The goal is to get your audience to take action and engage with your business, and there are some basic starter points to make that happen.

First off, don’t spam. This refers to the types and quantity of emails you send (basically, don’t be annoying), but also to whether they are wanted or not. Make sure you have an opt-in option on your website, so you are actually sending emails to people who have agreed to receive them. Not only does this keep you on the legal side of things, it’ll make it much easier to get recipients to take action—and keep you out of their spam folder.

When you’re building marketing campaigns and newsletters, set goals, create a target audience, and know your audience. What do you want to convey to them, and what action do you want them to take? Once you know this, take the time to create an email that they’ll not only open, but interact with.

How do you do this? Personalize the email—people don’t want to feel like just one out of a mass number. Make the email appealing with visuals, maybe even add some humor or a story. What would you want to read? And finally, have some call to action. Make them want to click through to your website, whether that’s an offer too good to ignore, or something they really want to read about further.

Putting in the work doesn’t just stop there. Make sure the tools you’re using are up to snuff. Use a good email campaign builder that will help you create engaging emails that are optimized to bring people to your website. Make sure your emails are responsive—which means they can be read on computer, phone or tablet and still look great. No one’s going to open an email that doesn’t look professional.

It might all sound overwhelming, but with the help of a few good tools and the right people—like us—you can turn your email marketing into a truly useful tool for your business. Let Rocket Fish Digital get your email marketing off the ground and driving results immediately. Reach out to one of our team members today.

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