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Mobile and Marketing

How to reach people in the age of smartphones and tablets.

By Abigail Thorpe

The future of marketing isn’t mobile—it’s the present. Walk in a store or down a shopping district, and many—if not the majority—of people will be on their phones. Work and life has made connectivity an essential part of most of our lives 24/7, we’re constantly reachable, which means we’re also constantly absorbing information, adds and messaging, whether we notice it or not.

Mobile marketing is a prime way to reach potential customers for a variety of reasons. To start, 80 percent of users used a mobile device to search the internet in 2019, which means if you’re not integrating a mobile marketing plan with your advertising strategy, you’re behind the game. Forty percent of online transactions are done using a mobile device, and nearly half of users read reviews of all purchases on mobile devices.

As an added benefit, mobile marketing allows your business to reach customers in a unique and tailored way distinct from other platforms. Text promos, push notifications and adds that pop up on social media and content pages are several prime ways to do this. Since a person is constantly connected to a network, they are always a potential target for your product or service, but it’s about finding the right time and way to reach them.

Mobile marketing strategy is grouped by behavior more than demographics, which means that location services and other data collected from mobile users helps determine what, how and when marketing tools are used. A key benefit of this is that mobile ads and marketing can often happen in a location and time-sensitive way. So if someone is travelling through or shopping in your business area, or has shopping habits at a particular time or place, you can reach them right at the moment your ad or message might be most successful.

You can tailor your messaging and ads to create more personalized promotion for your business, so you can turn views into conversions. But ads and marketing initiatives won’t be successful unless your business is already integrated with mobile. This is where a responsive website, ecommerce capabilities and updated location data, reviews and store information comes into play.

Need a hand getting your mobile marketing plan up to snuff? We’re here to help. Contact Rocket Fish digital today to see how we can work together to grow your business faster and better.

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