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Out of Home Marketing

Reach your audience in their everyday.

By Abigail Thorpe

Thanks to COVID, we may all be spending a bit more time at home than is typical, but as things begin to go back to normal, so will our everyday lives. Which means the average person will spend the majority of time outside their home.

This is where Out of Home Marketing (OOH) comes in. OOH refers to any marketing that takes place outside a consumer’s home—think billboards, ads on benches and buses, and paintings or digital ads on the side of buildings.

Particularly now as we become reaccustomed to getting out and about more, OOH marketing is going to be very important. Sounds, sights and smells will be more noticeable than ever before because we're not as numbed to them.

Enter your perfect opportunity to catch—and hold—a consumer's attention. OOH marketing ads are difficult to avoid. As opposed to tv, computer or mobile ads, you can't just move on or delete the ad. They are incredibly high impact, and if done right, can keep someone thinking about a product or service long after they passed the ad.

Remember that messaging and color/design is critical to appeal to your audience's emotions, especially when it comes to OOH. Digitization of OOH ads have made it easier than ever before to adapt to the current environment and needs or your audience. Real-time advertising is having a moment, and there's a reason. It taps into a person's emotions at that moment, creating a connection with the brand.

One study shows 48 percent of consumers are more likely to interact with a digital ad after being exposed to a OOH ad first—meaning all of those posters, signs and billboards actually do have an impact. In today's day and age, you can't rely on only one form of marketing to keep your business afloat. Take the step and move outside of your comfort zone—you just might be surprised by the results.

Need help getting started? Let one of our team members at Rocket Fish Digital lend you a hand.

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