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Social Media Marketing

The digital giant By Abigail Thorpe

Social Media Marketing

Take a look around you. Odds are at least half the people in the room are looking at their phone or computer. How many of those screens are on social media channels? Probably a lot. Even without realizing it, we’re trained to pull up Instagram, Facebook or Twitter on a daily—if not hourly—basis. Beyond the natural curiosity to see what’s happening with friends or the urge to wile away some boredom, social media has become a main destination for consumers to find out about brands, engage with them, and validate their authenticity and brand authority. As social media continues to grow, so too does its importance as a marketing tool for businesses. With billions of users world-wide, businesses of any size can’t afford not to have a social media presence—and a good one at that. Facebook still leads the charge, clocking in 2.5 billion active monthly users in the final quarter of 2019. Instagram is not far behind, with over one billion active users, and growing quickly. It enjoys one of the highest engagements of any social media platform, and its rapid evolution and quick response to growing trends make it a fertile spot for growing an audience that is active and engaged. Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn remain important, all boasting several hundred million users, with Twitter the top platform for discovery, Pinterest primarily used for inspiration, and LinkedIn remaining top dog in the professional world. As social media has evolved, video has become a key component of building brand awareness, growing a following, and converting views into visits. Social media video components like Facebook Live and Instagram Story are just as important—if not more—than regular posts. Consumers are growing more conscious and concerned with the products or services they use, with brand transparency, authenticity and social awareness playing a key role in converting viewers to customers. The takeaway? Your social media presence needs to be on point when it comes to representing your brand in an authentic, relatable and consistent way. This takes time, investment and commitment, but the payoff is big. Check out how Rocket Fish Digital can help build (and maintain) your social media presence to help grow and develop your business and brand.

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