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This is the Month to Support a Nonprofit!

Give back to your community and drive business.

By Abigail Thorpe

Giving Tuesday has just passed, and for many, the month of December marks a month of giving back—to the community, those in need, and national charities. It’s the perfect time to figure out how your own business can give back and make a difference.

In addition to giving back to the community that supports your business, charitable giving is a great way to grow your brand and product or service. But you can do far more than just write a check. The key is to find a nonprofit or charity that you care deeply about, and that also aligns with your business or service.

Some ways you can support local nonprofits are by sponsoring or co-sponsoring an event, such as a run, shopping event, dinner or auction. Or, if your business can create something unique that aligns with the nonprofit, design a special, limited edition product for a nonprofit, with a portion (or all) of the sale proceeds benefiting the charity.

If this isn’t an option for your business, you can still partner with a nonprofit to help bring more support and money in for them, and gain some new customers and brand recognition in the process. Host an event at your store or business—this can be a low cost approach that still shows your support, helps the nonprofit, and brings people into your store. Or even simpler, host a donation collection at your store.

Above all, giving back to your community is a great way to show your support, care and commitment to the people who keep your business alive. But beyond this, carving out a plan for giving will help your business gain exposure and reach a new audience (that of the nonprofit), build goodwill and positive brand associations, and provide social content for you to drive engagement.

Make December your month of giving, and then continue it into the new year. If you need help coming up with a charitable giving plan and marketing idea, Rocket Fish Digital is here to help.

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