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Emotionally Driven Marketing

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Creating ads and content with a message

By Abigail Thorpe

Imagine an ad message that’s stuck with you, where you’ve almost subconsciously learned to identify with a company over the years—like Coca Cola’s red hued, laughter-filled ads that make you want to share a Coke with someone.

That’s because marketing that appeals to an emotion will usually catch someone’s attention, help them identify with the product or company, and turn them into long-term customers. Emotionally driven marketing is marketing that appeals to an emotion to make your audience notice, remember, share and buy your product or service. That emotion can be anything, but it’s important to focus on one emotion that will be most successful in reaching your target audience.

There are several components that go into doing this. First, know your audience and your objective. What is going to impact them the most and help them connect with your brand? Second, lead with a color. Color is a powerful way to invoke an emotion, and it’s important to focus on the visual as well as the verbal messaging. Next, use a story to bring your audience in and create a message that will stick with them.

Why is basing your marketing message around emotion so important? Because first impressions are everything, and people make decisions with their hearts usually, not their heads. You want to deliver a message that inspires people to act.

According to a study conducted in the UK of 1,400 different successful ad campaigns, campaigns targeting emotional reactions performed around twice as well as those focusing on rational content. Emotions make people do business with brands that stand out, resulting in long term customers who will continue to choose your company, because they have a connection with it.

The key takeaway? Appealing to emotion is crucial to your company messaging and marketing, whatever that may be. It’s important to identify your audience and the message that will appeal most to their emotions. Not sure where to start? We can help. Reach out to the Rocket Fish Digital team today to find a marketing strategy that works.

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