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Marketing in Our Times: Reaching People Where They Are

By Abigail Thorpe

Formulating your marketing strategy to reach people right where they are can mean many things. From offering products or services people want in a way that works for them, to finding new ways of reaching people during unprecedented times like the current, it's important to constantly be evaluating how successfully you are reaching your target audience, and what you can do to improve.

This process starts at the very beginning, with the product or service you offer. Find what people need, and set yourself apart in that field by either the products you offer, or the way you provide your services. Word of mouth is big, so stand out from the crowd by what you offer and the unique way you provide it. Equally as important is making your business not only searchable, but highly visible in the online and mobile world. Reaching your customers where they are in many ways involves being accessible, however they prefer to shop or find information.

People are creatures of habit. Consistency in how you provide information, services and messaging helps provide a sense of security and trust to your customers. Furthermore, it's essential to know your audience in order to reach them where they are. What is your audience looking for? How can you provide that in a way that is faster, easier or better?

The final step to meeting people where they're at is flexibility and willingness to quickly adapt and find new ways to reach your customers in a way that is consistent with your messaging and brand. COVID-19 has upended the lifestyle and jobs of millions of Americans and others around the world. Stay at home orders and social distancing mean we must change many of the ways we interact, find or purchase products and services.

In this time, it is important to focus on continuing to reach people, but potentially in different ways than you did previously. Since people are stuck at home, online and mobile accessibility are more important that ever, furthermore, customers are more focused on the essentials of life, or things that can help make their stay at home more productive and enjoyable. Find ways to reach your customers that speak to their current lifestyle limitations and that provide a solution for some need or want. Things have changed, but the opportunity to reach people with a message that speaks to them is more alive than ever.

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